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What is a Persian carpet?

A Persian carpet is just like a picture on the floor that carries thousands of years of love and longing within itself. The very composition of a carpets colors and motifsdepicts love, good wishes and longings of people who lived in the East hundreds of years ago

I can remember that even as a child in the village of my birth, Qorveh Dargezin, (in western Iran, eighty kilometers northwest of Hamadan) most of the women wove carpets. Every house had a loom, like an easel for painting, and we children watched our mothers and grandmothers sing and weave birds and roses. Day by day, those pictures came more and more to life. Whenever they needed to start a new carpetto set the warp and weftthey would call a man who had lucky hands. They would burn incense for this occasion, and a man who had a lucky step was called to enter the room where the carpet would be woven. The first knot needed to be made by a pure soul and with the name of God upon the lips. Day after day, each carpet was shaped in the same way.

People in my village believed that every color carried a certain meaning; through the combination of colors and motifs, they wove musica symphony of the soul. They were making gardens in which their thoughts were free to sing and to fly. There were no limitations for their playful thoughts, which were coming out of the garden of their hearts. For us, this was what we thought the art of weaving carpets was all about.

There was no electricity or television in our village. We were educated with stories and poetry. They taught us to understand the language of stones, earth, birds and roses. There are many different beliefs concerning the symbolism of carpets and their motifs, colors and patterns. I recall a story about a certain girl who wove an unusual carpet and no merchant would buy it. It was considered shameful for a girl in the village if she could not sell her carpet; people would think that she was incapable. But this girl was in love and she was happy by nature. Therefore, she left her carpet in one merchant`s shop and it stayed there for a long time. One day, a merchant from Hamadan came and as soon as he saw the carpet, he fell in love with it. He bought it and took it to his home. Although it was an unusual piece, the whole family liked it. Right away, they spread the carpet on the floor to admire its patterns. Now, this merchant had an ill son and the next day, the merchant`s son woke up strong and healthy. His face was happyhe even wanted to go out and have a walk in nature. From that day forward, he felt better and better until he was soon restored to full health. In this way, the motif of that carpet became famous and it was given the name: Cure for the merchant`s son.  There are many stories about carpets, such as this one


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